petak, 23. kolovoza 2013.

10 things that STOP's you from being a true and happy Samurai

1.Man UP and stop being lazy. Your attitude and your persistant delaying is that is preventing you for completion of your own task or job. Isn't it smarter to finish every job you can as soon as you get that chance?

2. The burden of the past in the present relationships with people. New people in your life are not to blame for the wound with the previous people. Give other people the chance they deserve and if they betray you or use your trust for their personal interest, punish them in same manner or even worse, for educational purpose.

3. Negativity. Consider what else you can be grateful for in your life and you'll see that the glass is always half full.

4. Judgment of others. This is a luxury that you have and do when youve got extra time. Dedicate yourself to your dreams and responsobilitues and let other people live their lives.

5. Jealousy. Luck isnt having what you want, but wanting what you have. Stop jealously compare with other people. Every person has a downside, and you can never know what the real problems of other people are.

6. Insufficient confidence. Accept yourself fully and work on perfecting yourself and your dreams whenever you get the chance.

7. Past*** Let it be. It's really over. Reconciled with that and concentrate on the present moment.

8. The need for control. Sometimes it's best to let things happen on their own in life. Relax. Often the best way to drop the stress. Anyway someday entropy is going to get us all, so sometimes its pointless to be an obssesed control "nazi".

9. Expectations. Discard the expectations and you'll never be disappointed. Do not expect a lot of people and you'll be surprised when you get what you do not even expect it.

10. Never fear of your own percepcions, question everything and never give up on yourself and things that you love!

nedjelja, 2. lipnja 2013.

A non working day? A day off? Wtf?

Today is the 2.june, Sunday. For some a working day like any other. For a majority it is a non working day, for some a holiday, whatever that means many today will rather relax, go for a cup of coffee, entertainment, chill etc. Today will work only those who have to work, I would say that it is socially conditioned and ordered. Somehow those social habits are contrary to the same values ​​that society stands for, but nevermind! However, work is not appreciated in recent times and it is a fact, especially among young people. Maybe everything would be different if their parents were more responsible as human beings when they were young, for the future of their children and raise them to fend, also responsible for themselves in their lifes and if they took better care of themselfs without complete reliance on their parents. Today the world would have been completely different, and better. Not that I believe in this, but I know It would be. Im not advocating an idea of ​​altering the world to be a better place, first of all it would be a pipe dream, a BS. I've only got one thing on my mind, an idea I'd like to share with young parents, since their own child is their whole world!
Here are ten tips frome "experienced parent" who certainly has not made such an error:
1. Self-discipline: teach your child to work and to motivate itself regardless of the situation.
2. Confidence: teach your child to show others that he has the power and ability to solve problems in the environment.
3. Responsibility: Children from the age of two should take responsibility for their actions. This will develop character and confidence in others.
4.Independence: Parents are often afraid of this, but the kids have to learn to do things independently of their parents. So become a strong and distinctive personality because the mistakes to learn what life really means.
5.Humility: confidence without humility usually turns a man into a limited arrogant and conceited bastard that people will often avoid. A man who is balanced both will easily win the sympathy of his environment.
6. Manner: the second year of the child should be taught good manners that will keep you grow up, regardless of whether it is private or business life. Good manners show respect for others.
7. Respect: respect means respecting others because of the quality that they have and show that they are important to you in life. Teach children to respect others, and to demand the respect of others.
8. Sensitivity: this feature will most associate with the opposite sex, this is false. Show empathy and a "softer" approach to resolving disputes can only help.
9.Honesty: most will say again, it's not wise to be honest in the world in which we live. However, an honest person is first and foremost someone who is at peace with himself alone and therefore no problem stomping through life, learning, growing and developing every day. With its own integrity comes to success.
10. Refinement: no, this is not an aristocratic traits. Refinement means possessing qualities with which we can overcome complex situations in a careful and calculated manner.

Its up to you to remember that you do not just go through life, but still grow through life, and what kind of attitude you choose those attitude will reflect on your children, and in that direction they will grow as human beings. Their future relies on your attitude!

srijeda, 3. travnja 2013.

Question Yourself

First of all....

Take just one moment.Listen the world around yourself. Breathe! Feel how the air enters in your lungs and exits. Listen to your thoughts. Observe the little things that surrounds you.Surrender to the serenity.

In our world the activity and movement are our normal way of functioning, and if this does not apply to the physicall matter, then certainly applies to our mind and mentall perceptions. We are active on a daily basis, we do things constantly, we talk, we are sending emails, receive and read messages, train at a gym, rejoice with one web page to another, from one link, then on the second, and the third and so on ...our mind never stops...We are always involved in something, always connected, always thinking, always talking. We have no more time for being calm. Sitting in front of a computer and insanely fast-TVs is not what being calm is supose to be.For this is the price we pay: time for reflection, observation, observation and listening to consume excess stuff. We are losing our peace.What's worse, all of this daily pace for many is counterproductive. Sometimes too much activity will suddenly come up worse than complete inactivity. You can run around around all you want, but the result will not give necessarily a concrete and meaningful results. And there is another option - you can do many things, but nothing important. Your actions can sometimes make things worse than if you were not doing anything at all. 
Do you feel that you become nervous when you're forced to be quiet - while waiting in line, at the doctor, at the meeting - Do you always feel that you need to do something. Some of you when feeling nrevous take a mobile phone, others carry laptops....People are just not used to stay or be calm!Stop for a moment and consider how your days go - at work, after work, while getting ready for work, weekends and before bedtime. Speed consumes you constantly? Do you constantly read your mobile devices, you reply, check the latest information, facebook, emails etc? Have you sharpened to constantly do more and better at anything you do, you get to do all the tasks list? Do you like this plan to spend the rest of your life?If that's your choice, good luck! If not, relax for a moment. Do not think about what we need to do, or what you have already done. Just let the present moment be.And now, if you calm down, think about your life and how you would like it to look. Consider a life with less movement, less work, less haste. See it calmly, rationally and then calmly again.And now become what you really want! Yes, you read it right! Become what you really want!Practice this every day: sit down, stop all your mentall activities, close your eyes and surrender to the moment. When you get used to this, try to gradually remove all unnecessary activities in life. When you feel that everything is happening too fast, stop, take a break and breathe deeply. Discover that this very moment, there is your happiness. Enjoy the serenity. It is a treasure and everyone is available to us whenever we want....&
Do not forget...
Dont just go through life, grow through life!

četvrtak, 14. veljače 2013.

Lupercalia spring day 14.2.

The most famous theory about the origin of this holiday comes from Rome, back when Christianity was a completely new and young religion, lived a priest Valentin. The former emperor Claudius 1th, he ordered all the soldiers that no one should not marry or betroth for he believed that the soldiers (as married or engaged men) will not want to fight in his wars, but would prefer to stay at home with their families. All priests have decided to honor the Emperor's decision, so no more I wanted to perform the wedding ceremony. However, a priest named Valentine disobeyed the emperor's decision and began secretly wedding ceremonies all young couples who wanted, as long as the authorities are caught and put in prison. At 14th February (eve of the Roman holiday Lupercalia spring) priest Valentine was decapitaded. Shortly after his death people proclaimed him a saint, and when in Rome Christianity strengthened, clergy decided to join the feast of Lupercalia and the death of Saint Valentine in one holiday. They determined that the new holiday to celebrate will be "the 14th February", on the day of Valentine's death, and the name of the holiday was given in memory of the saint. Of course there are other theories about the origin of this holiday, and so I find the idea that originates from some pagan ritual, while others are saying that in medieval times it was believed that the birds begin to mate on 14th February, accordingly to that there is the custom of sending "Valentine" cards. However, the most likely is that there is a Valentine's Day in memory of the priest Valentine, however this is just one of the theories in the series. Holiday has become an important idea that today is Valentine, for today and from ancient times this idea has always been worth a struggle and sacrifice, this idea should always be timeless and unconditional, always should be commonplace and ubiquitous invisible mover of all other values ​​in life. This idea is called Love! On this day we celebrate Love as the only truth, while everything else is a mirage! Something as commonplace, timeless, true and unconditional should be lived every day, and today in the name of these ideas we honor St.Valentine! So I wish you all Happy Valentine's Day or even better since Im an "old school" Samurai, Spartan and Praetorian I wish you....
HAPPY HOLIDAY of Lupercalia Spring &
Question everything and dont just go through life, grow through life!

četvrtak, 31. siječnja 2013.

Code of a Warrior

Jiu Jitsu is a totally different lifestyle! On top of immense passion you have for any martial art or sports if you want to live Jiu Jitsu and to have progress in it, first of all it is necessary to reach a certain stage of maturity in your life and the way you live, you need to be discplined.
The life cycle of JiuJitsu can not survive if it is not consisted of the systems of values ​​and virtues, such as courage, goodness, kindness, justice, honesty, honor, commitment and loyalty.
So it is merely normal within Jiu Jitsu that excelent fighters are always compared with Samurai's and therefore it is logical for it because they bind with their precisely value system. That "samurai" system is called Bushido (Japanese 武士道,Bushido) which literally means "the way of the warrior" and describes the code of conduct and philosophy of life, in which they have been operated!
Nowdays in environments dominated and prevaled with conformism, laziness and failure it is logical and common that those contradictional values ​​have become incomprehensible phenomenon and majority doesnt understands them or merely someone lives by them.
If you do jiu jitsu, judo or any similar sport or martial art who advocated these similarities and if you live by the warrior code, often you will remain misunderstood and confronted with the opposing situations that will sometimes slow you down towards your goals.

"On Saturdays I like to go out!" - some say "On Sundays, I love to sleep or go to a coffee!" - Say others. "
It is best to fight others with your bare hands! "- ignorant says.
" We are never together! "- your girlfriend or boyfriend tells you.
Some say that you'll never achieve anything, that you waste your time.
"Start thinking about college or work" - parents say.
But think this, what they all know what does jiujitsu represent to you and what does Jiujitsu means to you?

What do they know about the tension and nerves that they do not let you sleep the night before a competition?! .. What do they know about fighting and trainings that you did when you were injured?! .. What do they know about the shock and pain you tolerate every single day and at every moment?! .. What do they know about the anxiety while you wait to get back on your mat?! .. What do they know as you gain or lose a second before the end of the battle, and for that you been preparing for that fight all the time, sometimes all year, what do they know how it feels?! .. What do they know what do you think and how do you feel when you are getting warmed up 20 minutes before the fight?! .. What do they know how bad it is when you have to pause because of injury?! .. What they know how much pain is when you have broken nose, cracked tooth, broken fingers, cracked ribs, hole in your knee, problems with your spine... ?! .. What do they know about what do you feel in my soul because of injury when you give up the struggle?! What do they know about cold showers that you experienced?! ..

What do they know how much you love this sport and their art!?!? .. What do they know about your other family, your friends and brothers from the "mats"? ... What do they know how does it feel when you climb on the winning podium?!! Will they ever experience the pride and beautiful emotions of that moment ?!?! Do they know that in Jiujitsu everything starts and ends with a bow, do they know it means respect? It doesnt matter if you are on the mats, internet forums, or alone with yourself, or with the heart of a team and on the other side your opponent principles are the same, its a  same thing, by entering a tatami every sound stops. In your mind, audience, referee and coach,every sound while you are entering on the mat, everything disappears around you ... Priceless feeling!

People who do not support you or the people who offends you they do not know that one club is one soul! This is our life, what do they know?! .. A lot of people say, "Jiujitsu has nothing to do with your life!".
I do not know if they know something about life, but about jiujitsu they certainly do not know anything! .. It is very easy to criticize fighters and martial arts, consider them a brute, non-athletes, but would you do that for a moment thatm just try it, my friend?

Those who dont know you and they think that you are ignorant conflicting individual, only beacuse you are trained and ready for any form of struggle or one knows the sacrifice that you need too make and endure to come and stand on the mat, accept yourself completely, look in the eye with an opponent and everytime give your best... Behind one great man who does JiuJitsu
for a living is a forgone youth, he does not take excuses or regrets for anything, it is just a price for him to realize his own dream.

We are losing guys, girls, priceless family moments, birthdays, nights out, summer and winter vacations .. But people do not see it - just saying that everthing is foolishness! So when you see someone who competes or lives JIU JITSU - respect him because to reach this, it took three and many times more effort than you can ever imagine!

So it turns out clearly that our environment knows almost nothing what is Jiu Jitsu because everything that JiuJitsu truely represents is being a true athletic warrior with all the great will that you need too have constatntly so you can overpower any physical and/or mental constrains only to achieve the next level of success.

That is the difference between ordinary man and a modern day Samurai!

(Some text is partly edited from Judo club POIROT)

utorak, 29. siječnja 2013.

Golden Age Of 30

Experiencing age of 30 in some chronological sense and as a society conditioned number, to me it really doesnt means a lot, but today's people regardless of gender, number 30 does represent them a certain psychological limit! Except that, society in many ways is conditioning them and limit them moustly in psychological way, but again on the other side from begining of man kind, it is very likely that this is always so, and therefore it has nothing to do with their "thirties", rather think it has nothing to do neither with any age!
So what should i say about the number and age "thirty"?
No. 30, as well as each other is just a number on the birth certificate! Are you going to accept something, in a way that will something work or benefit for you? How will you feel and how will you percieve something? Does it mather what your environment will be and how it might affect you? Will you be the product of it or will you strive to change it and make it better? Will you go towards life or run away from it? Will you solve problems? What will you do for a living? Who do you love? Do you want to be a healthy person? Finally...IT IS ALL UP TO YOU! EVERYTHING IS YOUR CHOICE.
Sooner or later all of the responsibility of your existence and the direction your life goes is in your hands, no matter how things are difficult or absurd, as you look the situation closely, that is the only way! "You have all the cards of the game called life, but you have to watch your time, because the clock is ticking, check your cards and give your best, even if you lose".

The problem of "losing" has nothing to do with any numbers, or how old you are. Nature of this problem is "invisible" and what is invisible to the eye is often most important and critical. The problem lies in the individual's own experience. Often we do not have adequate or enough life experience to realize the "path" in front of us or behind us! Often we do not know how to connect the dots, and to observe that the only correct way, and that is to live properly in proportion to our ability to "receive" our own experience, and that would mean that when we fail at something, at the same time we should learn from these mistakes!
Our wisdom or should i say, our art of living, deep knowledge, insight and ability to be reasonable comes from our experience, but firstly our experience comes from our own foolishness, our mistakes and delusions!

My thirties and My life till 30 brought me a variety of experiences, some were good, some bad, but even through the worst experiences, now that I look at it and when I "connect the dots" all the bad things that I had experienced it finally made me something good.
Sooner or later you will get wiser. So dont worry! Always "question" yourself and your thoughts and the way you think, give your best, and learn from it!
Some of the wisdom that you may learn till your "30 (40,50, xxx)" birthday...

1. People are not against you, moustly they are for themselves.

2. Do not climb the mountain so the world can see you, but clime it too see the world.

3. More lessons will you pull out of failure than from success, so do not let failure stop you. Failure strengthens and builds character. Learn from it.

4. The most dangerous of all risks - risk spend your life doing what you want it because you think you'll be able to purchase your freedom to do it sometime in the future.

5. Go where others "celebrates" you, and not where you are tolerated.

6. The person with whom you spend the most time in your life is your own self, because of that, try and learn as much as you can do, for yourself be as interesting as possible.

7. If you accept your limitations, you'll be able to overcome them, learn from them!

8. People often tell me that motivation doesnt last and sometimes that it isnt necessary for daily progress. Often I say: Effects do not last even when you bath or wash something or yourself. But what they contribute and benefit you, because of that it is recommended as a daily dose.

9. Every man I encountered in my life is afraid of something, loves something and has lost something.

10. Comfort is the enemy of great achievements.

srijeda, 23. siječnja 2013.

Simple facts of becoming GREAT

If we want to be successful in life or in anything that we do, we must know this. The most beautiful and successful people we have known are those who often have known defeat, known what suffering means, known struggle and learned from their personal loss. Those people have found their way out of those depths, they learned from their own failure. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Just like everything else in life ,beautiful people do not just happen, THEY ARE BUILT! Firstly we need to see some of those facts, and if there is a scale of those facts, in my opinion, this would be the most important ones; 
1. DO NOT use excuses

 Imagine that Nelson Mandela used his prisoner days as an excuse for rage against the system. Instead, he used them for learning, personal development and ultimately to release the country from the oppressive politics. Listen to your excuses, try to understand them why are you constantly making them, they< are in your head. Try to think how to use them for your own personal development and well being.

 2. Know that the "meaning of life" is NOT just you 

Things' like money etc. can be a motivational factor, but rarely can be a major motivating factor. Successful people are different from others because they contribute to positive changes in lives of others.

 3. BE the early bird who goes too sleep late

There are not many stories - successful people "worked hard" in life. They know that as long as the work is not finished, then it is not the time to interrupt your work. There is no substitute for hard work. If you want to be successful, you have to try more than others.

 4. Know that the most important thing is your "life (personal) energy" 

The more energy we have it is easier for us to focus on the goal and be great at it. Physical activity is not just about recreation, but absolutely necessary for the optimal functioning OF YOUR BRAIN. That's why exercise should be converted into a daily routine, and not overbearing obligation.

 5. YOU need to have principles.

 People who stick to their principles at any cost, they succeed even though their principals are extremely unpopular. What are your principles by which you live and whom you would never give up? Do you have them?


We all have moments of doubt in life. What distinguishes successful people from others is the unshakable faith that what they are doing is right. Instead of being shaken, doubt further motivates successful people to show that their optimism was in place.

 7. Have a reason for doing something 

A lot of huge achievements in the history of mankind have reached insecure people who had the need to prove themselves to others. Such people have never considered a failure as a serious possibility. Distinguish why you do what you do, why you give up, why your loved ones suffer because of your commitment, why do you give so much. When you have a "WHY?", everything else comes naturally.

 8. Persistance is an achievment 

The longest journey begins with the ordinary little step, says a Chinese proverb. How much will be steps ahead of us, it is impossible to calculate. Successful people do not count steps, they already walk towards their goal, enjoying the ride because they know WHY they travel. Even when you get to the finish line, think of a new goal and then set off on a new journey. 

9. Constantly study YOUR craft.

 Nikola Tesla has spent thousands of hours studying the work of his predecessor and improving their knowledge. Michaeangelo and Leonardo before creating their masterpiece pretended countless sketches and notes. Learn from everything you get in touch with. Turn yourself into a fortress of knowledge that will help you create a great, inspiring and unique work. 


Who does not risk, does not profit, says our proverb. Although it sounds cornym it is completely accurate. Billions of people throughout the history of mankind could achieve incredible goals, but are only rarely few who had guts to take risk. You want to succeed? Take a deep breath, squeeze your teeth,go for it and do your best.

Dare to live your dreams